Friday, June 14, 2019

Who Needs Forever21 When you Have Shein? My Review

Monochrome alert! I recently got a beautiful new Vests and camisoles from Shein, one of the oldest and biggest online boutiques on the net. I'm sure you've heard of Shein from the millions of blog posts that other people have written about their shop. This can only mean one thing- they're reliable, affordable and of course, high-quality. 

Indeed, my tops arrived around 10 days after I placed my order. I'm sooooo in love with all of them. I ordered so many that I can't show you all of them, but I'll show you my favourite ones. The sexy camisole trend is super in right now, and I'm a big fan of the look. I styled it below with my white skirt and some pink flats from Zalora. They're all matchy-matchy and I'm totally happy with my purchase. 

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Items that I got from SHEIN:

Yes, I bought lots of new things for summer from Shein, one of my favourite shops ever. They're not a new shop by far, and I'm sure many of you have seen them around for the last couple of years. However, one thing you may not know is that Shein has actually completely revamped their styles and items in the last year or two. They used to be quite low in quality and the styles aren't too stylish. However, they've completely had a makeover and now their stuff is super cheap but high-quality at the same time

Use the code "HOORAY" for 15% off everything on SHEIN!

Please let me know if you used it! 


  1. Everything you've shown here looks super gorgeous! It's always good to have online shops where the prices are low and the quality is impressive as well :)


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