Tuesday, March 5, 2019

My Daily Essentials

My day has been weary - a long day at university and it's not getting better. So how do I actually get by in a day? What are my essentials? Here they are!

1) Grether's Pastilles - I absolute can't live without these pastilles. According to Amazon, it is made based on an original recipe from the 1850’s. They are made with selected ingredients using natural ingredients, which have a soothing effect on a sore throat and a stressed voice. They help against hoarseness and provide a protective coat on vocal chords. With its unique three-months maturing process, Grether’s Pastilles develop an intensive fruit flavour.  The Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) has been known as a medicinal plant for many centuries.

Girls, did you know that blackcurrant contains a lot of vitamin C and is rich in beta-carotene? The pure and natural blackcurrant juice gives the pastilles their black colour and their distinctively fruity but mild flavour. I love the taste and will certainly buy again!

2) Breath Co Toothpaste- this is one of the best toothpaste that I've ever used as it cures my bad breath, and is perfect for girls on the go. Before I go to to a client meeting, I simply brush my teeth in the office using this paste, and it gets rid of all the dirt well! It's so unique too!

3) Breath Co Oral Rinse- I love this product since my wisdom tooth hurts me a lot, and I can't live without mouth wash these days. I tend to use this awesome rinse twice a day whenever I feel my gums hurting. They get rid of bad breath like nothing else, and I'm really happy for this.

4) Daytox Mask- this mask is lovely and refreshing, as well as gorgeous smelling. It smells excellent and I'm really pleased with the texture of the mask. It's refreshing to use and cleanses my face during work, and I feel excellent afterwards.


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