Wednesday, January 9, 2019

UNice 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Recently I got my long, waist-length hair trimmed so that it was shorter, more tidy and manageable. I did it with the help of a mirror and a helpful mother at home, so it didn't cost me an expensive salon trip. My new hair style is the straight-cut-across type, nothing fancy, but still easier to manage than any other hairstyles I have had before! 

UNice is different from other hair extensions shops. They have lots of types of extensions, e.g. Brazilian hair which is much smoother than regular hair extensions or Indian virgin hair extensions. The texture is more harder so it holds the shape of your style much better than the other types of extensions. On the other hand, other types of hair such as Peruvian human hair is thicker in texture and feels very different than Brazilian hair. It blends well with normal African-American relaxed hair textures and Caucasian hair textures. This natural texture will become more curly when in water and washed, which is good for you if you want it curly and long.  You should check out their awesome human hair extensions!

For girls with these problems or thinning hair, clip in hair extensions such as ones found online really help! What could be better than to have some human-hair wigs, which look totally natural and gorgeous? I love their clip in hair clips and they are so gorgeous. They even have Malaysian hair bundles which are thick and wavy. Brazillian hair extensions are always the best type of wig to have and they are so nice and great.

I just wore hair extensions today and felt great. They are great because wigs are perfect for those who have no hair left and want to get an entirely new head of hair. Wigs are so versatile - they can be worn outside, inside and also be changed. The best type of wig is wholesale real human hair, because it feels and looks most natural.

I like their coloured hair bundles because of the versatility and flexibility. These golden hair extensions means that you can get blonde hair in an instant and look like celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Blondie and all the beautiful sexy women out there in the world. 

From 9th January to 14th January 10% off code: UN10. 15th January 10% off +up to $100 off(Random reduce up to $100).


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