Sunday, December 31, 2017

My Leather Jacket Wishlist for 2018- featuring Sky Seller!

I'm obsessed with celebrity styles and today I want to talk about my favourite spring leather jackets - featuring Sky Seller, an awesome leather jacket shop that sells various custom and celebrity-inspired jackets for men and women. What I love most is that they have custom sizes so you can get it to fit your body perfectly, without all the bits and bobs that make your leather jacket unflattering.

I found their celebrity styled jackets most appealing, especially their men's brown leather jacket (below) and two of their best-selling women's leather jackets. I particularly like the women's styles as they are biker jackets with a bit of flare, making them unique and stylish at the same time! I've always been fan of black and white jackets as they pair up with everything! 

As for the men's jackets, Sky Seller has various styles including movie and TV-inspired designs, such as James Bond jackets and Deadpool jackets. Wouldn't it be great to look like a celebrity for a day? Anyways, here are my top 3 favourite looks for this spring! 

Top to Bottom:

As you can see, their jackets are replicas of famous styles found in movies and online. I particularly love the Rose Huntington White Jacket as it's gorgeous and stylish- just like her! Margot Robbie's one is also stunning and sexy, as she's always so gorgeous on screen.

I hope you like my wish list and do check out Sky Seller for more!


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