Friday, September 22, 2017

Wedding or Prom Dress Dilemma? A JJsHouse Spotlight

I've never thought about trying out online wedding/ prom dress shops. However, I decided that since I'm starting my new degree next year at another university in the UK, I might as well get a new formal dress that I can wear for special occasions and dinner dates. 

In the past, I have stumbled upon JJsHouse and they seemed very legitimate. There were loads of positive reviews online, where girls ordered their cheap wedding dresses and gowns, and said that JJS House was one of the best companies they've ever used. I also read many blog reviews where girls were offered to try their services. 

To my surprise, I actually found many cool dresses on their site. It's not just for weddings! For example, here are some of my favourite items, which includes cocktail dresses, short dresses and mini dresses. I love playing up my legs as it's my skinniest bit, so I'm so happy to find so many shorter dresses! 

Top to Bottom:

JJShouse also has the option of fully customizing your dress, so you can measure yourself and enter the details on their page. It also allows you to customise the colour and design of the dress, so if you're shorter or taller, there will not be a problem! How cool is that? 

I also love how the models on the website are so pretty. They're gorgeous! It's so rare to find so many pretty pictures on the site, it's almost like a Pinterest for bridesmaid dresses

What do you think? 

Check out their website now! 


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