Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Black and White Prom Dress Wishlist- Pickedress

I've made a wish list of my favourite Black and White prom dresses from Pickedresses , a boutique formal dress shop that sells lots of different styles and types of dresses for everyone. I've always loved prom dresses, though you can't really wear them very much except for formal occasions. But I often struggle about where to buy cheap and decent prom dresses. 

Tired of the old boring prom dress? Fear not. This shop sells gorgeous, newly designed Lace Prom Dresses which you can customise in terms of colors, shape and design. Take a look at three of my favourite prom dresses from their shop! 

These dresses are black and white, but they can actually be customized in any colour you wish. I love the fact that they're very flexible regarding design. Nearly each type of details can be customised as you wish. Honestly, that's the best bit! 

Happy shopping ! 


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