Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ultra Stylish Driving Shoes- HIDRIVE review

Do you guys drive? I've gotten my licence since I was 18 (which was a few years ago) but I have to say, sometimes it's terribly hard to drive around because of the inconvenience. This stems partly from the fact that I never have comfortable shoes to wear for driving. I remember being unable to drive in my flip flops or sandals because they had uncomfortable, slippery heels, or something that was just not suitable for driving.

But did you know that there are shoes specially made for driving? HIDRIVE driving shoes from IFIQAS is a brand new shoe that is designed with drivers in mind. The Hidrive the perfect footwear for the everyday road user, because it is designed to give comfort and maximum convenience for drivers on the road. Their shoes have special features, including:

- A special knitted one-piece textile upper using HIKNIT technology, which delivers an unprecedented fit for unrivalled comfort.

- Made from fibres woven into the upper for the ultimate in durable flexibility.

- A glove-like fit, which provides easy slip on slip off feature.

- Contour cushioning technology which is flexible and supports the heel.

- 4mm carbon rubber outsole, which allows you to control the pedals without slipping.

So onto the review of the shoes- I received my lovely package in the mail today (super fast shipping) and was surprised at the quality of these shoes. They're really well-made and super beautifully designed- it looks like a sports shoe but can easily double as a comfy pair of trainers for running errands, picking kids up from school or just walking around. I love the sock-like fit of the shoes, as this makes it so easy to slip on and off, and I don't like shoes that take so much time to wear.

As to the comfort level, I really think these are one of the MOST comfortable shoes I own. Not only are they soft and slightly stretchy but they also look awesome as well. They feel like soft trainers mixed with a more sporty shoe, and is designed to fit quite snugly without being tight. Best of all, there's no need for socks at all, since these shoes are designed to be fitting. It feels like I'm walking on air, and my shoes are so breathable. I'm very happy with my purchase, and the sizing on their website is accurate.

Pink HIDRIVE shoes- only £49.00

HIDRIVE shoes fit for both mens and women, and they have lots of different colors for you to choose from, including grey, pink and black. I chose black since it's less easy to get dirty, but the pink looks super girly and fun, and is such a cute colour for a pair of comfortable shoes.

Check them out and I highly recommend getting a pair if you're a frequent driver!


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