Wednesday, November 30, 2016

YoShop Christmas Wishlist- Super Fun Shopping App

I'm absolutely loving Yoshop- a new shopping app which you can download from iTunes. They're an interactive online shop where you can play games to get discount codes, lower the price of an item and also to get super awesome bargains, including items for as low as $0.99 if you get enough of your friends to "drive" down the prices. Honestly, their little app is awesome because you can browse for thousands of items straight from your phone, which is always a plus side since it's so convenient.

Yoshop also has a Community section, where you get to interact with other users on the app by posting photos and reviews. Each post can get a huge number of LIKES and comments, so it's kinda like Facebook but for fashion. Isn't it a great concept?

I've picked some of my favourite pieces of clothing from their shop for you, so you can see the range of items they have in store. I've actually ordered from Yoshop before and did a review HERE, so do go and read it as it's completely my point of view. I'm surprised by their quality and customer service, as it's surprisingly good!

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Yoshop is also running a competition where each week, they pick the best post on their Community to win a $100 coupon. Yes- that's right, it's an ongoing competition until December 31st 2016, for a super cool prize, and anyone can enter. The competition is so easy to enter- all you have to do is download their app and post a photo with something fashion-related that you love. There's 1 lucky winner per week, so do join since there's a high chance you'll be picked.

Check their App out and download it for free HERE, remember to follow me (@Fantailflo)!

YoShop's Facebook HERE.


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