Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Human Hair Extensions

Omgnb sells the biggest range of human hair extensions in the world, with many types of textures and colours, and with all sorts of length- whether it be short hair, medium-lengthed hair or longer hair, they have everything you can ever want from a comprehensive online shop. I want to talk about 4 styles of human hair extensions that you can get. 

Firstly, there is the take in hair extensions. I like their Take in Hair Extension because of the versatility and flexibility. This take in hair extension means that you can actually take it in whenever you want, and pull it back out when you feel like it, which means that you can change your look to suit different occasions. With this look you can be effortlessly chic. 

Secondly, you can buy a ponytail extension. The Human Hair Ponytail is also great for balls and parties, when you want to look glamorous and chic. A ponytail is not easy for everyone since different hair textures work differently. I think if you have short hair and need an instant fix-up, this is definitely the product for you. It works well for formal events and parties, and looks great with a ball dress or a formal gown. In fact, even if you want to go out for a fun day, the human hair ponytail will be a great match. 

Thirdly, Clip in Hair Extension is also a good choice for an easy pin-up as it can be removed and held back up easily. This is the most flexible style of human hair extensions and it's the best choice for beginners who have not worn hair extensions before. With this style, you can never go wrong.

Lastly, the Micro Loop Hair Extension is perfect for wavy hair or for curly hair, since it is a loop and it's the best for thicker, darker hair. I think this is the coolest style of hair extensions 


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