Sunday, September 6, 2015

Miracle Swimwear - best swimwear for your body shape

Worried about weight gain after New Year? Do not fear! Today I want to feature a fantastic swimwear company called Miraclesuit. For one thing, I'm very shy about my body because I'm ashamed to show it off during the summer months. I know that this is true for so many girls out there. 

Aren't you all sometimes too shy to wear swimsuits? I'd absolutely recommend Miraclesuit for their amazing swimwear range which hides what doesn't want to be shown, and also shows off your best asset. Whether this is your legs or your upper half, they have the perfect swim suit for you! 

I received two pairs of swimwear which are from Patricia Eve, the UK distributors for Miraclesuit swimwear. They are absolutely top quality and feels amazing on the skin. The black and white swimsuit is particularly good at hiding fat and all the wobbly bits that you don't want your friends to see. I really like how they can instantly make you lose 10 pounds. The bikini is also perfect for the summer as it is nautical, girly and totally cute!

Do check them out at Patricia Eve's official website-

Let me know what you think of these slimming swimsuits!


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