Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nail HQ- Hardener, Gel Top Coat and Protect review

I love painting my nails, but the nail varnish always ends up smudging or chipping off soon after I paint them on. I have always been a clumsy person, so I decided to try out some products from Nail HQ ( because they claim to help girls like me solve their nail issues. 

Firstly, I tried the Nail HQ Hardener which is specifically formulated for thin and weak nails. The external reinforcement provided by this Mineral-enriched formula will help nails become tougher and more bend resistant. I think it definitely helped my nails become harder when I applied it. The ingredients are quite interesting, it contains collagen & a unique mineral complex infused with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Aluminium and Manganese.

Secondly, I tested the Nail HQ Protect and Repair. This product is designed for hydrating and moisturising nails after the use of gel and acrylic nails. It contains root ginger and hydrolyzed collagen, which is guaranteed to help those with weak nails recover and regain strength in the nails.

Lastly, I tried the Nail HQ Gel Top Coat, which is an ultra glossy gel top coat that claims to be anti-chip and designed for extended wear. I'm really happy with this product as it helped me prevent chipping from my nail varnish! This is truly a great product, and I'd say it was my favourite of the lot. My nail varnish lasted me for over 2 weeks before starting to fade.

You can get a bottle from various places including Amazon for £5.69 which I think is a great value for money as these products really make your nails shine and polish lasts a long time!


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