Friday, March 27, 2015

Little trip to town center

It's been rainy these days but yesterday was a very bright and sunny day. I went down to the market in town and walked around for a few hours. I ate a lovely lunch at a Mexican shop, and had my favourite avocado and cranberry salad. I couldn't sleep last night because I was too hungry to sleep- literally, my belly was rumbling and I spent all night tossing about.

I haven't been shopping but I'd like to buy some more decorations for my room. I need new lights! My room's really dark sometimes. I'd really also like some  plaid curtains in my room, something like the pictures below. My curtains are quite ugly now, and they're terribly inefficient at covering light.

There were lots of shops selling vintage items, mini coffee mugs and candies, and we bought a lot of food. I also bought some homemade fudge from the shop near by, and it's great because I can always try free samples when I walk past. What's not to love?


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