Friday, January 16, 2015

Black Ball Dresses

Hey lovelies! For this term at university, I will be going to a ball hosted by my student union on February the 20th. There will be champagne, crepes, hotdogs, delicious foods, endless supplies of alcohol, a disco, dazzling lights and of course, lots of new people for me to meet. I can't wait, since it will be a good time to de-stress and hopefully, get myself looking as glamorous as possible for one night, and one night only.

I'm really looking forward to it, but I need to buy a dress! This is the second my my prom dress series, because let's face it- it is a serious problem for girls in university who need to buy lots and LOTS of dresses with a limited budget. I was just looking at ball dresses online, and thought of writing more about the types of dresses I found. I'm always one to wear bright colours, but I've recently been looking at Facebook photos of my friends and some of them always wear lovely black ball dresses to events.

Black is very classical, elegant and also suits all skin types, especially if your skin is fair and white. Unfortunately, my skin is not really that white. It's more like yellow than anything. However, black still would go very well on most people. I really like the strapless black gowns or the ones with one shoulder strap only. I have broad shoulders, so it would suit girls who are rectangular or wide on the top.

What do you guys think? Tell me!


  1. I just left a comment but i'm at the boyfriend's place & i don't think it went through... Ughhhh... Okie well what I said was I hope you're doing well, I don't know if you even read my blog still but this is the first time I checked yours in a long time! And I'm happy that we're both still blogging (: I'm finishing my last yr at uni so i'm excited to graduate. Have fun at the ball! -Sunny / Mimi (i'm copying my comment this time just in case.......)

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  4. These dresses are really pretty :-D

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