Monday, February 9, 2015

Ball dresses featurette

Have you ever been to any balls? Any good recommendations? I'd like to feature some dresses from random shops I found today - because one day, we're all going to inevitably walk attend a formal event someday with an amazing dress on! I've been a very big eBay addict lately, maybe because of the stress of university seriously, girls, I shop as my stress-relief! Is that normal or not?

I've been very obsessed with buying formal dresses lately. For real, I have been buying like 1 every week by my frequent and slightly OCD bidding. I've managed to snag some very cheap bargains too! And I've started selling some of my old dresses on ebay just so that I can get rid of them and earn a bit from it, even if the original dress is brand new or worn once, and still very wearable. You never want to wear the same dress twice! Speaking of which, if I had to pick, I'd definitely pick some of the dresses below for the balls. 

Most online shops have prom dresses or special occasion dresses, so I'd recommend checking out some online catalogues if you ever need a dress, full stop. I've been into blue recently, what do you think? 


  1. I like the green one! But I never was to a ball (in Italy there aren't even proms) and I don't think I will ever be in that kind of formal situation (more suit ones...and I hate suits!).
    When I'm stressed I shop too much too ^^'

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