Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Grey Christmas 2014

I'm back home in Hong Kong for Christmas, and I have to say- it's really smoggy and grey all the time! I've had a rough term because I've been sick for 4 times in the past two months. It's not even funny, because my house is really cold and my dorm room over in the UK has a faulty heater. It's freezing!

The pictures above are from my college's biennial winter party. It was awesome because I had kangaroo burgers, went roller skated and saw my college being transformed into something magical, beautiful and radiant (for once!). There was even a ferris wheel in my college which was set up the day before... what a dizzy ride. Usually, my college isn't the best looking one in university, so it's a really proud moment for me. I look kind of silly in my pictures, but that's because I haven't posted anything in a long time!

I'm spending it with my boyfriend and we're going to spend all day gossiping, hanging out and baking a rainbow cake today.

Hope you all have a merry christmas! What are you all doing?


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