Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Iconemesis - iPhone case review

Good day everyone! I have an exciting little review to do and this time, it's all about iPhone cases. I think the best part about getting a phone is choosing what case to use. There are so many varieties of cases out there, but which one is the best for you? Some like it colorful, some like it plain, and some of my friends even own fancy studded cases. I was lucky enough to receive a cool graphic iPhone case from Iconemesis (check out their site!) for a review so do check them out. 

I picked the pug-patterend iPhone 5 case because I thought it looked really colorful and interesting. Who doesn't like dogs sipping soda and making hilarious expressions? The case fits my phone perfectly and was very solid, and since it was made from hard shiny plastic, it didn't scratch when I put it in my bag. It even survived a bumpy bike ride to lectures! I found it quite sturdy and eye-catching. 

The only slight critique of the case is the "iconemesis" print at the bottom, which I felt was a little bit intruding and blocked the beautiful designs. If only it were on the side, then the case's artwork won't be compromised as much! But nonetheless, it is not too visible and overall, the case is a beautiful color and feels light, tough and looks great. 

Here's a little more about Iconemesis- Iconemesis is a fast growing lifestyle brand providing a luxurious touch to your life. The Iconemesis range showcases the best of up and coming British design talent on your very own iPhone. Ranging from Fifi Lapin’s cute and quirky rabbit family, to Pomme Chan’s celestial wonderland, there’s a case for everyone's tastes. 

Do check out their HUGE range of great, stylish and chic cases at


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