Friday, June 28, 2013

Sizzling Swimwear for Summer 2013

Hey lovelies! Now that summer’s upon us, it’s time to find that suit that’ll turn heads and flatter your figure, and with this season’s beachwear collection, finding the suit that looks good and stands out won’t be an issue. This summer’s swimsuits allow you to flaunt your assets and show off your wild side.

Personally, I love summer... it's my second favourite season after Winter, because there's no shivering in the cold and there's lots of swimming, BBQ-ing and having fun with friends on a starry night out. I usually wear one-piece swimsuits that are plain and uninteresting, but here are some trends that look awesome and stands out. . Due to the assortment of chic styles and colors currently available, summer 2013’s swimwear has suits made for every shape and size, and with the range of bright colors available, there’s a swimsuit that’ll look good on any skin tone. From slinky bikinis to frilly one-pieces, the swimwear trends for 2013 will definitely be a hit with fashionistas around the globe.

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Cut it Out

No matter how you slice it, swimsuits with cutouts are going to be a hot look for this summer. Although patterns and prints will still a hit with fashion’s elite, symmetrical and oddly, disproportionate designs are the newest trend for the beach season. Whether you rock a one-piece suit with cutouts or a shear mid-section or a two-piece that’s strapless or has shoulder cutouts, swimwear designers have upped the ante for beach wear with their brazen styles this summer. These designs are intensified by unconventional, unique prints such as animal, polka dot, and floral, or brilliant, playful colors. These styles are most suitable for the tall, svelte set as the cutouts bring attention to the midsection. No matter the print, pattern, or color, with these beachwear trends, you've got a suit that’s sure to turn heads at any beach or pool.

Curve Appeal

Curvaceous ladies who enjoy putting their gorgeous, voluptuous figures on display, will love the high-waisted bikinis that are trending for 2013’s summer season. Today’s fuller–figured women have cast aside the average one-piece and drab tankini in exchange for swimwear with more attitude, variety, and sex appeal. Like this summer’s clothing trend, old-school, vintage-inspired styles will play a key role in beachwear. From high-waisted two-piece suits to one-pieces with more bottom coverage, these antiquated styles work best on ladies with fuller figures because they draw attention to areas like the hips and bum, while masking the tummy region. For ladies who aren't entirely comfortable highlighting their sexy assets, there are plenty of stylish, attractive beach dresses and cover ups, and retailers like M&S have you covered from swimsuits to other beachwear items.

Funky Frills

Another new trend that’ll be a hit this summer has a bit of a flirty, girlish appeal. No longer are bathing suits with ruffles just for little girls as swimwear designers have added some provocative and sophisticated charms to create sassy adult versions of this sweet style. Expect to see women sporting dainty, frilly bikinis and one-pieces with ruffled tops, bottoms, and shoulder straps. Because of the number of variations of this coquettish style, these designs look good on just about any body type and come in a multitude of colors and prints. In addition, designers have created swimming skirts and cover-ups with ruffled embellishments and enchanting adornments, making this trend suitable for any lady, no matter her size, shape, or age.

Now that summer has officially begun, which type of swimsuit do you usually wear?

What do you think of the styles above? Happy summer! 


  1. Nice and useful post! I usually wear bikini, but I'm not so much into plain ones, I prefer ones that are embellished with beads or have ribbons or interesting patterns. So I think I'll be more into the funky frills trend.
    I also love cutouts, but I think that even if I find one that looks good on me, things like the stripe on your belly will look really weird when seated.
    And what I prefer of retro styles are the patterns rather than the shapes :D

  2. I feel the same way about summer really :P
    I love the warmth, eating ice cream without
    having brainfreeze and no school! I love
    the last bikini style with the florals c; Xx

  3. I love the cut outs, great post! Xx


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