Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hey Na Na

I got a new ukulele! My old one, a Blur-encrusted dirty cheap ukulele finally cracked under the sheer force of ... my toes (a long story) and the whole body came off the bridge ! I did spend a long time decorating the old ukulele, so it was a pity now that it finally gave in... My new ukulele is fantastic - I might record a song and post it up on Youtube someday!

I also am going to embark on a 5 month long journey to rural China, where I'll be serving a group of village children and teach in their local school. I'm quite excited and worried, because I might not get internet, I might not get blogger and worse of all, I'll be leaving home yet again for a long time! It's strange when you finally settle down back home, back to where you spent all your childhood floating around an innocent little bubble, only to be taken away again in the end...

Congrats to Cass from Daily Dirty Diaper for winning my Snorgtee Giveaway!  

Nothing lasts.... it seems... whimsical thoughts...

Tomorrow I made plans with a dear old friend, Dora, for a day of Sherlock Holmes, Benedict, Martin Freeman, making stitched owl dolls, sewing threads, eating cookies and quaker oatmeal squares (our mutual love brought us closer together in the year we spent in a boarding college). I haven't seen her for a long time and it's always nice and melancholic to catch up on friends that have moved on ... everyone is moving on these days... sometimes it's hard not to think of yourself being in a "race" to move ahead... I'm being rather philosophical these days.

My back aches a little, maybe I sit too much.
Do you ever get days when you simply sit TOO MUCH ?


  1. a ukulele seems like such an ideal instrument, makes a sweet sound and seems easier to play than guitar. where did you buy yours and how much was it, if you dont mind my asking?

    and you should definitely post a vid on youtube!!



  2. Thank you very much for the giveaway! I can't believe I won!!

  3. Nice to know your blog!
    I've followed your blog. Mind to follow me back? :)

  4. Girl I sit too much alllll the time! & you should put it up on youtube!(: THank you so much for your comment on my blog(: Just followed yoU! HOpe you can follow me back(: xx


  5. Love this photo!! <3 super blog, im now following you!


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