Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Settle Down ? Not yet

Busy months, busy days, but sometimes, it really gets tiring. Seems like some days all I want to do is sleep, even when the weather outside's amazing. How come one can become lethargic because of repetition? I thought routine was supposed to be good, but then, it seems I'm more of a "person of change", well at least according to my productivity level these days.... I haven't taken pictures in such a long time, perhaps it's because now I have no great camera except for a low - resolution one which doesn't take pictures of that high caliber.... ah, can't wait for the summer. Time for a new camera in the summer! 

Hair's getting longer - and it's summer soon! Personally, I'm more of a winter girl. I prefer the snow, the cold and the winds, and of course, wearing the jackets that come naturally with the cold. Boots, stockings...yipee. Summer's sweaty and sunny, and when the time comes, it's multiple showers a day, slapping on sunblock, and hiding under an umbrella for me! Only a few more months... few more months...


I found this picture on tumblr recently: 

Cartoons of the 90s 

...it brought back a lot of memories. Of my long forgotten childhood. I used to watch Cartoon Network when I was small, and heck, even until early teens, until they took away these shows and replaced them with more "modern" looking animation. I remember spending sunny afternoons tucked in with a bag of chips and chocolate, and just sitting in front of the telly all day! 

Childhood... don't we all sometimes wish we can go back ? 


Anyways, must remember to do a t-shirt review next time... I'm a bit..behind ! Ta-taa! 

Song of the Week: 
Kimbra- Settle Down


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