Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Real Life Christmas Tree ...

Scenes from the Snowy Landscape - simply beautiful

Yes, I saw a real life christmas tree in February 4th 2012. Not December. A teeny bit late, but still awesome nonetheless. 

It snowed yesterday, and is forecasted to snow for the following week. The radio said that it may hit up to  5 inches of snow ! I've never really experienced anything like this, as I'm quite new to the country, but it's simply beautiful. When I looked out my window and saw it begun snowing, I immediately changed into my warmest jumper, ugg boots and huge puffer jacket, and ran out of the building and took a long walk alone in the snow..... pure bliss.... and pure fun too....

SNOWBALL and gleeful photo taking with the thing

After floating around outside in the freezing cold, blowing snow from cars, and sticking out my tongue to taste the pure snow falling like rain, I decided to head back in as my fingers were really numb and there was snow all over my hair. I went back to my room and opened the window, and made a giant snowball from the snow outside the windowsill ! 

The snowball didn't melt till many many hours later, it just got smaller and smaller.... 


Apart from the snow, I've been having a mellow week. It's too cold to go out, for a run, for a shopping trip, and for many other things, I just didn't feel like going anywhere. So I stayed in, watched Youtube channels, watched funny Asian videos and poured over beautiful fashionable pictures on the internet. Decided not to online shop any more except in special circumstances (aka when there's a sale that you just GOT to check out). 

Music has also been keeping me company. Am also loving these tracks:

Will blog soon (: Leave me a comment - have you ever gone crazy in the snow ?


  1. I love snow also. Unfortunately there's no snow here in the Philippines. Looks like you had a lot of fun. =)

  2. ahh i love these pics, the snow is really magical

  3. I love the snow - shame it is so late coming this year! It makes everything so beautiful!
    New follower here - love the blog x

  4. How fun! We got about 8 inches are so, here..yesterday, too. Brrr...its a mess right now. But the streets are plowed.

    Lovely pictures! Fun snowball, too.

  5. Oh, so awesome! Beautiful pictures! Love the update!

  6. Great photos! Fun snowball too!

  7. I'd heard there was snow there. Its snowing everywhere. I guess. These are great photos.

  8. Such a wonderful update. I like the title, too.

  9. It's never snowed where I live. Wish it did, so I could make a snowman! :3

  10. Aw I totally understand your excitement, it never snows in HK does it? We had fun playing in the snow today too.

  11. the snow looks so pretty!


  12. It doesn't snow in my city T_T
    I wanna play in the snow and make giant snowballs too! Lovely photos, hope you're keeping warm!

  13. Never had the chance to see snow in real life! :( lucky you!

    accidental encounters

  14. Heehee! Do you?? So great!! Because the one requested me in same country, then I use bank transfer payment. And I am planning to apply an account on Paypal as well! Do you plan to apply one too? :D

  15. Hi hope everything's going well with you, Flo. Cute photos (:


  16. Love the scenery! Beautiful! Too bad that my country doesn't have winter season. Sad :(

  17. I can't believe you rolled yourself a snowball and took pictures with it! hahahaha
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights


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