Wednesday, January 25, 2012


...I can blog again, at least until next term's exams! I've had a really stressful two and a half weeks, of sleeping so little, eating a bit too much chocolate, drinking way to many cups of tea, energy drinks and you know, the normal stuff that people do when they NEED to cram. Now it's over, and even though I still feel a buzz from caffeine, it's...all well. 

The weather here has been strangely warm. Not the summer kind of warm but not the winter chill either. I wish it snowed, then it would be time for boots and heavy coats, but now it feels like more rain and water than anything else. 

A quick update in pictures of random things; if any of you have instagram, I'll follow you (fleee04) ! :

Freaky hair pictures when I was really bored and tired from studying, and also, I have been smitten with the phone application "Instagram" , it's so brilliant to use and creates really nice effects. Christmas is over, it's now Chinese New Year, and I have no time to properly celebrate. Maybe I'll go and buy some new items soon, but for now I'm satisfying my inner shopaholic with looking at pictures online. 

On another note, I went "ooo" and "aaa" when I saw this picture of my dog...

Isn't he just as cute as a button ? Aww... 

I'll do some cool t-shirts review soon and post some more inspirational pictures, and trust me, I've got LOTS in my computer! Thank you to all you who kept leaving me twitter messages and comments in my blog, it keeps me going, really! 


  1. Great to have you back! What a lovely pic of your doggy! xxx


  2. So much catching up! Love the drawing, too!

  3. Sweet update. Great pics of you! Winter has been strange here, too.

  4. wb!! omygosh i do that too! drinking so much coffeee and staying up late.. for exams.. lol but im glad your back. nice pics with all the hair lol. and happy new year!!

  5. Your freaky hair pictures entertained me (:

  6. awww so cute. love the pictures with frames.

  7. Lovely drawing! Haha the picture with the hair was funny :) Happy Chinese New years!!

  8. welcome back :D
    cute photos!! i like how istagram makes photos all nice looking and stuff but i really hate how you have to crop it into a square :<

  9. Aww, cute collection of pics! Your dog is a total cutie-pie too <3

    Hope you have a great day!

  10. your hair is long! you look prettier!
    I love your desk with a lot of inspirations on the wall
    good luck with your exams!

  11. That drawing of you is adorable ! Did u draw that?

  12. ooohhhh. Freak hair picture. LOL! ya. freaky.


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