Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Train-rides, Plane-rides

It's exam season again so I haven't been taking photos of outfits or clothes, even though I did buy some cool sweaters online. I've been on an online shopping craze because a) I'm lazy, b) it's so much easier to see all the products in the store in a computer screen and c) I've been glued to my seat for revision... how's that for christmas ? Online shopping is fun, and surprisingly easy, I never really got into it until this year because I got a debit card to my name, but it's way to easy to overspend too when all you do is click, click, click and you've spent a few hundred dollars!

These few weeks have consisted of phone calls, exam papers, books, long long afternoon naps, no more squirrel chases, online shopping, bargain hunting online, looking at christmas lights, ice-skating and tearfully happy skype conversations ....

Nowadays, do you notice everyone around you has got an iphone / ipod / ipad or some apple gadget ? I'm a big fan myself of these really slim, really aesthetic technological pieces, but recently I've been playing with my iphone's apps, especially with...drum-rolls....INSTAGRAM!

For those of you who hasn't heard of this application, it's a really easy to use photo app that lets you take photos and edit them in several pre-set effects, like vintage style, cold room style and much more. Then you press "DONE" and it uploads the finished product on a platform where every user shares their pictures, sort of like a twitter flow, only it's restricted to the iphone!


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