Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Binge

Waiting by the mailbox, by the train
Passin' by the hills 'til I hear the name
I'm looking for a saw to cut these chains in half and all I want is
Someone to rely on as
Thunder comes a rolling down
Someone to rely on as
Lightning comes a staring in again

Being a couch potato, LDS glasses (Japan)


Good day dear bloggers! I just want to post up a half-faced shot of myself with leopard printed glasses. I finally purchased these and am going to put prescription lenses into them, so I will finally be able to SEE  (and not having to wear contacts) ! 

Moving on, I just want to share with you some awards I received over the past few weeks! Thanks to these cool people:

* Madeline of Cappucino and Fashion 
(2 Awards: Best Blog, One Lovely Blog Award)
 Her blog's really helpful and there's tips on everything fashion / beauty / DIY, and she blogs nearly every day! 

Aul of Aul And The Home 
(4 Awards: Different Blogger, One Lovely Blog Award, Supportive Blogger, Awesome Award)
His blog's full of funny pictures and rants, it's great! 

*Tiff from Tiffiefum Invasian
(6 Awards: Butterfly Award, Kreativ Blogger, One Lovely Blog Award, Top 10 Award, Stylish Blogger, The Versatile Blogger Award)
Her blog's really funny and full of stylish pictures, and she has this really cute animated GIF image on her sidebar (:


Rules for these Awards

- Link back and thank the person who tagged you
- Post 7 things about yourself and answer the favorites questions
- Pass and notify these to special bloggers 

7 facts about me

- I love chewing gum, I chew too much of it! Yummy!
- I love eating avocados, they taste like butter but even more fresh, natural and GREEN.
- I always have bad hair days .... always. More like every other day.
- I am a huge procrastinator, but I am trying to change this.
- I don't sleep on cars or planes, it's too hard. Planes mean movie marathons for me. 
- I haven't really sat down and watched TV for like, nearly 2 years. 
- I hate sweating ! 

The Favorite Questions

Favorite Colors: Blue, Gray, Black, Pink
Favorite Song: Currently it's Ob La Di by The Beatles
Favorite Dessert: Macarons 
What pisses you off: When I do things but can't see results 
- When you're upset you: Eat / Blog 
- Favorite Pet: Dog and fishes
Black or White: Black
Best Feature: Nails ? 
- Everyday attitude:  Try to change yourself into a better person
Guilty pleasure: Youtube videos, oatmeal 

I would like to thank and pass these (non obligatory) awards to ...

- Lyana from Fashion to Go - Your tee is lovely! My good blog buddy! I'm so glad to win her awesome giveaway a few weeks ago :) 
-Sian from Rebel Angel - I'm chuffed to win one of your giveaways! You have an amazing sense of style and I totally love your blog. 
-Claire from Spinning Threads - Your necklace giveaway! I love it, wear it a lot when I go out ! Keep up your chic blog! 

I present thee with my favourite band Gorillaz with To Binge

My heart is in economy
Due to this autonomy
Rolling in and caught again
Caught again 


  1. Love your leopard glasses! <3
    Congratulation that you got awards. :D

  2. That's a really cuteee leopard glasses and you look really good with it ♥.♥

  3. Woh! Nice spectacles flo :D
    And those are bunch of awards!! :3

  4. Oh wow, so many awards!! Congratulations ♥

    && I like your glasses รดรด

  5. Congrats on all of your awards. I'm also dealing with procrastinating..haha! :)

  6. omg i lovee loveee avocados!!! espesh in salads....YUM!

  7. Wow, lots of awards there. Always cool in your glasses.

  8. such a cute photo! and love your frames! congrats on the awards!!

  9. really cute glasses! xxx


  10. love the glasses!!! and congrats on all the awards ^-^

    i love gum too! i'm like alwayssss chewing it hehe can't help it!

  11. I'm sorry for late-replying and visiting your blog back, dear...

    Yeah, this 2 months maybe a verry bussy months for me. hehe

    congrats for soooo many awards!
    I'm sure that people give you many awards because they think ur blog is really really a very nice blog (as I do)

    I love ur glasses, it's cool! and it makes you looks cute.

    toowhit toowhoo!
    <3 <3

  12. omgg~~ <33

    Love your leopard print glasses ^_^

  13. Thanks so much for the mention and award <3 Glad you liked the tee!

  14. Your photos are adorable, as always. Absolutely love your glasses.

  15. Love the glasses and so love yer photo! <3 Pretty :">

  16. nice glasses! did you write that poem yourself? it's too good!

    congrats on the awards!

    jos xx

  17. Thanks for doing the awards Florence! You look so pretty on your pictures.<3

  18. congrats on the blog award! do you have a bed in your kitchen? :D xx misstea & co.

  19. Ohh so lovely blog :) want to follow each other? let me know on my blog!
    Hope you will visit it http://pleasestrikeapose.blogspot.com/ and if you will like it follow me :)

  20. I love glasses like this. I am wearing one similar like this every night when I don't feel like wearing contact lens. ;)

    No I haven't lived in HK but I visited there before. I am missing every thing there now that I mention it. I love egg tarts, HK style iced tea, shopping, you name it I love it. ;)

  21. I love your glasses !! :) Been wanting to get a pair for myself.


    accidental encounters

  22. the glasses are pretty!
    cute photos ♥

  23. love those glasses!! I really like them :D congrats for all the awards!



  24. cute pictures as usual! I like your big glasses too. Congrats on the award. Nice to know you a little better!


  25. those glasses are cuuuute! i want them! they look really good on you! :)

  26. Love your glasses and congrats on your awards :) xo

  27. i really love your glasses! they look good on you :)

    ♥, peppie

  28. aww, thanks so much for passing along this award to me, Flo!!! i love those glasses, they look so good on you. in fact, those other black ones you had before look great too! i'm jealous, dunno that i'm a glasses person!

    congrats on the awards (and so glad you like your necklace!!!) and thanks for awarding me! i will definitely do a post on this next week!


  29. congrats^^ wow i love the glasses...oo japan..will be going there after 2 year...going to be stocking up when i get there^^


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