Sunday, May 5, 2019

Saving Sleep on Planes- J Pillow Review

I'm a frequent flyer and I recently got the best travel pillow ever- it's called J Pillow and it's really special, as it's designed in a way which allows you to get a comfortable night's sleep on the plane. Seriously, take a look at it below!

So how it works is that it's designed in a J shape, which supports your neck, head and chin. According to the website, here is how it was conceived:

"The eureka moment for the J-pillow travel pillow came when I was on a night flight with my family. I had just been abruptly woken by my head jerking forward and the children were squabbling over whose turn it was to sit next to the window so they could rest their head against it. That’s when the idea came to me... a travel pillow that would stop the dreaded head nod by supporting your head so much that it would feel like you had a window seat every time you traveled! When I returned home, I bought a second-hand sewing machine and set to work on making the first prototype. While designing the pillow I also drew on my past experiences as a flight attendant with Virgin Atlantic, where I would see passengers struggling to sleep, mainly because the pillows they were using did nothing to support their necks."

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So the designer is a former air hostess and she designed this pillow so that it meets the needs of frequent flyers like myself. I have to say, it's a brilliant pillow and really changed my way of sitting and sleeping on planes forever. It's very comfortable and cozy, and I totally love it!

Thank you J Pillow!

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