Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Outfit for my summer internship- haul from Wholesale7

I've been trying out a new wholesale shop and I want to share with you my honest thoughts. The shop is called Wholesale7- and they have the biggest range of clothing ever. Arguably more than other shops online. What I love about their website is that it's so easy to use! Honestly, their site's one of the easier ones to use, compared to other sites I've been on (and there are so many). I also love the fact that they put the weight of all the clothing on their site. This is so important, because without the weight you wouldn't know what materials they are made from, and whether it is good quality or not. Remember to check the weights of the clothing before you buy, because it's usually a good indicator of the quality. 

Nonetheless, I've tried ordering an item there and it has finally arrived. The shipping took 2 weeks, so it was relatively quick. I'm quite impressed by the quality of the Black Striped Long Sleeve dress- it's such a bargain at only $14.87. I chose it because it looked formal and I needed an outfit for my summer internship. 

Moving on to the actual review. When I got the package I was surprised as it was super heavy. The material of the dress is cotton, and it feels so good on the skin. It's soft yet stretchy and I love the waist bow, which I had to tie. I also liked how it's quite long, although I would prefer it to be shorter. Their sizing is very accurate- actually I'd recommend going true to your own size since their sizes are accurate. The dress is stripy and very classy, and looks super formal. I can imagine me wearing this after work or something.

I love how the quality of the dress is so good. Again, I'm surprised as I've had some pretty bad experiences buying online. Wholesale7 is trustworthy and reliable and they gave me a shipping number after the order.

Also the dress looks EXACTLY like the picture. Exactly. No difference at all. I'm so happy!

My biggest tip? Check the weight of the item before buying, and check the sizes carefully. The material is also super important. I've had a pretty good experience so far! And this is totally my own opinion, I'm not endorsing anyone here!

I can't wait to wear it for my internship! I think I'll buy something else on the site and see how it goes next month, since they have so many long-sleeved dresses which I love. They're definitely affordable, and more so than other shops. What do you think of this outfit? Yes or no?

And check out because my experience was pretty good!


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