Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bone Dry

So I've been trying hard to find
Been searching for some piece of mind
But I don't have the time, she sucked it from me
So it's all right for me to treat you
like you did me
when we were young


Haven't done lyrics posts in ages! Time flies... and so does everything in our world. Things change, and people move on, and yet, snow keeps falling, rain keeps dripping and the sun keeps rising and setting, lighting our day and ending our night. 

To sooth the cold, I've been remedying with lots of hot green tea, camomile tea, HERBAL TEA in general, Jasmine tea, tea tea tea, and some hot chocolate in the cold. My boiler's boiling all day and I've been chilling (no pun intended) on my sofa with my trusty phone - the one thing I cannot live without (a lie: my computer, my clothes, my SHOES, oh no!) and taking some photos of my new purchase - Cute black fluffy earmuffs

Warm fluffy earmuffs are the perfect headpiece in winter


Just thought I'd show you guys around my messy room, not that anyone's interested, but for me, when I read blogs, it's always a pleasant surprise to learn a bit more about the blogger, and to get a bit of their personal life, personal items and of course - the dwelling...(Please excuse the mess - a warning in advance)


Desk, Shoe Rack and door, Bed with notes strewn all over the blanket
Notes made in Starbucks, me hiding behind the pillow, side pic
curvy road, and what looks like a giant tape cassette in the sky (construction work?)


Yes I know, I have a lot of shoes. But name any girl who doesn't! 

Ta -ta ! 

Song of the Week:
Bone Dry - AB & The Sea


  1. I just love reading all your posts. And you look fabulous wearing those fluffy ear muffs. Hehe. This gives me an idea to share a pic of my room also. =)

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing pictures of your personal space. It looks super cozy. =)

  3. oh my you look super duper cute with your earmuff!!!!
    stay warm, dear!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  4. My country doesn't have winter season! Cute earmuff! My room is messy too. :)

  5. Love the earmuffs..oh we are up to no good in all our cold snow! Sweet stuffed animal too.

  6. You do have an inspiring place. Sweet earmuffs!

  7. Great time to have those earmuffs. So cute. Love the photos and the post.

  8. I love your instagram photos! And by the cat t-shirt is actually from Wal-Mart!

  9. oh,you have instagram? I also have :D would be awsome if you checked out me @dilandilir

  10. your earmuffs are so cute!! i loved taking a sneak peak into your life :)

  11. Love the fluffy and cosy looking ear muffs! It doesn't get cold enough to wear them where I am but I still want a pair!
    Love the pics of your room, I'm a total voyeur for things like that. I wanna do some pics of my room soon too...actually I don't think you have too many shoes, my collection is probably twice yours XD

  12. girl, that is NOT messy. I'd show you messy, but my mum already cleaned it XD So many cute selca shots too! :D

  13. Lovely photos- those ear muffs are perfect for this weather right now. I love seeing pictures of people's desks- yours is really not messy at all!

  14. ahh cute earmuffs :) and your room doesnt seem messy at all.

  15. Earmuffs are such a great thing, your black ones are so cute! I had a pink and white ones, and really - they are unnecessery to have these days, when the weather is not so warm. (:
    I'm following, would you like to follow me back? ♥

  16. ALLL cute earmuffs! I;ve been wanting to get a pink one though I have no use for it. haha :P
    it's cute to take photographs with!


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