Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dreamy beach wedding and dresses

If I ever get married, I want my wedding on a beach. Honestly, it's so carefree and relaxing to enjoy a nice party and buffet on a beach, if the weather's good of course! Also the benefits of having a beach wedding would be that everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of the beach.

If you want to shop for Beach wedding dress UK  there are many shops that sells the perfect dress for such occasions. Also the blueness of the sea contrasts so well with the whiteness of any wedding dress. It's such a dreamy theme too for a beach wedding.

Aren't these pictures amazing? I'd love to have my wedding on a beach, if someone takes me that is. It's not like I'm getting married anyways, but I absolutely love the feeling of these shots on the sand.


  1. These are lovely! A wedding by the beach would be idyllic. I'm sorry it's been so long since I last commented as well! I hope you're well! - Tasha

  2. Love the first wedding dress c: And having a wedding
    at the beach is of course enchanting c: Xx
    Ice Pandora

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