Friday, November 8, 2013

Celeb Eyes Green Lens - Review were lovely enough to sponsor me for a pair of Celeb Eyes Green ($21.90) colored contact lens a few months ago. I've been saving them up for a special occasion to review and take pictures of, so here is my detailed little review on what I think of these awesome lenses. 

Packaging: Petite, compact and cute- the company sent me a very large package with very small things inside, including a small pink box, a lovely green contact lens storage container and a whole bottle of contact lens solution. Since you can re-use these lens for over 1 year, it was extremely great not to have to buy separate lens solutions yourself. 

Review (5/5) : Overall, the contact lenses were one of the best I have ever tried. The prescription fitted perfectly and my vision was really clear all night. It also enlarged my eyes slightly, adding to the "cat-eyes" feel I was trying to go for. It also looked really natural and not too green, especially under lights, which was good because some of us don't want to look too unnatural. I thought the lenses were really natural-looking and beautiful, and I got a lot of compliments that evening! 

So that was my awesome Halloween summed up in a few (sweaty) pictures! It was the first time I truly dressed up for Halloween, and I have to say that the colored contact lens definitely helped me stand out from the crowds. It was super comfortable and I didn't feel any irritation even after dancing all evening, all night! I'm enjoying university life quite a lot, except I got a sore throat today and lost my voice completely... #sicklife

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween! What did you dress up as? What do you think of my costume? 


  1. They look quite natural!
    I dressed up as a pixie

  2. So lovely natural lense you look good!
    Meow :3

  3. dear fella! how are you lol looking pretty as ever! great posttt
    happy belated belateddd halloween lol love you

    Little Miss Olen.

  4. Aww the circle lens look great on you and lovely Halloween outfit (: x

  5. Great choice of outfit dear! Love it! Love the lens that you have chosen too for it matches your outfit. Great pics as well and you really seem to enjoy the night.

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