Friday, November 20, 2015

Leggings mania- Girardi Leggings review from UK Tights

If I had to name the item I wear most during my university days, it would have to be leggings. I'm a girl who likes to walk everyday to lectures, and I think that leggings look so casual, stylish yet are so comfortable that sometimes I don't even know I'm wearing them. Honestly, sometimes I even wear leggings to bed on lazy days. However, I've been looking for a pair of cool but casual leggings lately, and I found the most amazing pair of Girardi leggings for sale on a specialist tights store called UK Tights. 

These Girardi leggings are made from Italy, and they are of the highest quality because they're not made from China. They also happen to be the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn, and they're probably the coolest pair of leggings I own because they contain half a PU-leather styled look, and the other half of it is made from a really comfortable stretch jersey material. I love how these leggings fit on my legs- they give my legs a lot more shape and since it's black, it elongates your legs automatically. They also go well with heels or sneakers, as you can see below! 

Pros of these leggings:

  • Beautiful packaging- the leggings came in a lovely golden bag and arrived perfectly on time, only one day after I ordered the leggings. 
  • Excellent quality- I have to say these are probably the best quality leggings I've ever tried. The material is stretchy and breathable, and clings perfectly on my legs. It also doesn't feel too tight or too loose, and they are a great fit for my legs.
  • Looks amazing- the half-leather design gives this leggings an elegant and edgy feel. I can even wear this outside at night for a girls night out, or for a clubbing event. They also mean that people see different designs from the front and back. I absolutely love the design with the zips in front. 
  • Gives great shape to your butt- this is definitely a good thing! 

I highly recommend UK Tights and this is not a biased review at all. I'm completely honest and these are my new favourite items in my wardrobe. They go well with a simple white t-shirt, or can be dressed up along with a fancy leather jacket or a plain black shirt. I'm going to post more outfit posts in the future, but I really like the cool, wet-look I can get from these leggings. The leggings from the shop UK Tights are definitely worth a look. The shop also sells hosiery, lingerie and other types of stockings, as well as leggings of all sorts. They even have multi-coloured leggings, so it's not all just black and white. 

What do you think of my leggings? 

Best Christmas Gift: Alesha Dixon Gift Set

Hey girls! I can't believe it's nearly Christmas since it's already December. Christmas means that it is time for gift shopping, and with the crazy sales coming up, I just cannot wait to get my hands on gifts for all my friends and family.  I want to introduce you to this must-have gift set from Alesha Dixon which includes her best selling fragrance Rose Quartz Eau De Toilette for Her 100ml - an really feminine and classic floral fragrance. The perfume contains healing qualities of the rose quartz crystal. It also smells so lovely, because of it's unique blend of natural flowers such as Bergamot, Grapefruit Heart notes: Rose, Magnolia, Geranium Base notes: Amber, Patchouli, Vetivert, Cedar, Musk. 

I tried the perfume and found that it has a lovely smell. I used it during my formal dinners and I received some compliments on my smell from the people sitting next to me, so that's definitely a plus! Also, the bottle is very beautiful and well-designed. It is made from quartz and has a clear, crystal design with a pink tint at the bottom, so it's very nice to look at even if you just buy it for your room. I think it would make a wonderful gift for a girl or any female friend, because it's the perfect girly gift set to get. What's better than receiving a beauty gift set to pamper yourself for Christmas?

The Alesha Rose Quartz Gift Set costs £15 and also includes a 100ml Rose Quartz Body Lotion. I really like the smell of the lotion as well, as it's also very feminine and wonderful, and it really nourishes your skin.

This gift set is available from The Fragrance Shop and so check it out!

What do you think of this gift set? 

Monday, November 16, 2015

WIN an Emoji Shoulder Bag - Spreepicky Giveaway !

Fantail Flo is hosting a fantastic, amazing new giveaway for all of you and this time, the prize is a large emoji shoulder bag from the fantastic store Spreepicky. Their store sells the most adorable items I've ever seen, and they have a fantastic customer service available for anyone who orders from them. They sell Japanese-styled outfits, accessories, stockings, bags, clothing and jewellery, amongst many other things that you should definitely check out. I really love how everything they sell on the shop has a cute theme to it. The best thing is that they have plus-sized clothing too, so everyone of all shapes and sizes can find something they like on the shop.

I'm giving away an Emoji Baymax shoulder pack to one lucky reader, who will win any design of their choice. Isn't the bag great? It would add something fun to your everyday outfits. But there's so many things in their shop that you should check out- it's such a lovely shop with a huge variety of items. Some of my other favourites are their sweaters, shoes and thigh-high stockings, which comes with cat details and stitching.

Spreepicky has offered a discount code for their store. Simply type the code  "FLO" at checkout and you will have 10% off on 30$ or above spend.

Rules to enter (worldwide entry): 

1. Follow me on Google Friend Connect (Mandatory)
2. Follow Spreepicky on Facebook (click here
3. Follow them on Instagram (click here
4. Fill in the form below~

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jumper mania - November wishlist

I've been having an awful case of blues this week, because I feel sick and tired of all the work and assignments that I haven't done. I'm taking the time to blog about it because blogging always makes me feel better. I love talking to all of you guys, and I'm really grateful for all of you entering my recent giveaways! 

I've been obsessed with some items I found online recently. I'm going through a strange, girly phase where I really like pink, pastel blues and cute things, and I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm totally gearing up for winter in the UK right now. I don't think I'll be going back home, so I'm staying over in the UK and focusing on catching up with some "me time", blogging more, going to the gym (fighting the terrible weight gain that comes with stress and work) and hopefully, learning to treat myself better.

I want to go jumper shopping so badly! I love jumpers, they're so casual and comfortable at the same time. I'm going to make an outfit post soon with some of my favourite jumpers, but in the meantime, let me know what you think of my latest sweater obsession! 

Top song of the week: David Bowie- Fashion

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