Friday, January 23, 2015

4Vision Classe Brown- Circle Lens Review

It's yet another cold and grey day, so I'm going to spice things up by doing a mini-review of something I got recently. I'm really excited to be reviewing the 4Vision Classe Brown lens from today! They're a really great shop that sells an amazing range of circle lens. I'm actually a regular customer of theirs because their lenses really made me look fabulous during balls or special events, where I like to wear circle lens to make my eyes bigger.

Lens Info
Brand: 4VISION
Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal
Country of origin: South Korea

Onto the review The best thing about these lenses are that they're really comfortable. I mean, they're really comfortable to wear for over 7-8 hours. I know you shouldn't wear lenses for that long, but they're absolutely great for the first 6-7 hours. I looked fantastic at my photo session when I wore them to a photo-shoot in my friend's house. They said that my eyes looked good! Also the colour means that it's really natural and no one noticed I was wearing lenses, though EVERYONE said I looked better. Kudos to the power of makeup and lenses! 

There isn't anything negative I can say about these lenses. Seriously, I've been resorting to wearing brown lenses because they look the most natural. And these lenses are not too large at 13.5 mm but big enough to make any small eyes look bigger without photoshop! 

Guys, do check out their shop! Each pair of lenses comes with a really pretty box and a pair of tweezers and lens case. I highly recommend them, honestly. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tinkers of Snow

It's been absolutely freezing in the last couple of days, so much that I've stopped going out. I don't know what it is about my second year of university, but I've been more withdrawn, less social and more… well… hermit-like. It's okay in a way, but I miss the parties and the late nights. It's also (hopefully) going to snow tomorrow according to the weather forecast. I doubt it though, last week they forecasted snow but it only went on for about 3 minutes, then it was over and the blue skies came out. Here's some pictures that I took a few days ago with my friend, who did a photo-shoot for me. He's such an amazing photographer!

I really need to get cracking on work. I've got around 10 pieces of coursework and essays due this term, and it's already nearly the second week of term. Oh gosh! Please leave a comment telling me what you think of these photos- the concept was a "dream". Meanwhile, here's my:

Song of the week:
Vintage Red- Jay Jay Pistolets

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ball Dresses Wellington- Featurette

Hey everyone, I'd like to feature the Ball Dresses Wellington  series in this blog post. It's yet another and my last series of ball dresses features, because we've all seen the other lovely designs. Anyways, what so special about this series of dresses is that they are varied, fun and bold. Whether you are looking for a celebrity-inspired red carpet dress or a stylish bold animal or rainbow print dress, you will find it here in ball dresses Wellington collection. No matter you prefer pastel tones, classic black and white hues or bright options, this range of dresses is the best option for you to choose an eye-catching ball gown.

Take a look at some of my picks of the bunch! I particularly like bold colours on dresses, since black is sometimes too boring and plain. Plus it doesn't really match Asian skin colours, to be honest.

I'm totally in love with the pink dress above, it has a princess-y feel to it, and the pink looks gorgeous on the model's skin. Also I like the yellow and blue dress above, because they're edgy and unique. I've never actually tried a yellow dress before even though i have always wanted to. So maybe this year for my university's ball, I'll wear yellow to stun everyone? 

Feature- Ball Dresses Hamilton

Today i'd like to showcase something to all of you! I've been online dress shopping a lot and I've just been amazed at the 
 Ball Dresses Hamilton series. This series of dresses features dazzling necklines, such as sweetheart, strapless and low V-neck, is elegant and glamorous. Whether you're going for simple or exquisite, classic or dazzling colour, our fabulous ball dresses in Hamilton will help you shinning in any occasion. Take a look at some of my favourite styles! I'm in love with satin materials, as they are shiny and elegant, yet isn't too chaotic and dull.

See how gorgeous the flowing materials are? I really like the 3 dresses that I picked above, because they're timeless pieces. I'd love to wear some of these for my ball in June, where I can show them off to all of my friends in college. I'm going to say that these stunning dresses will make you the belle of the ball!

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