Saturday, May 9, 2015

Giveaway: 3 Vintage Cherry Bracelets TO WIN!

It's GIVEAWAY TIME on Fantail Flo and this time it's for 3, yes THREE lovely rustic gold vintage cherry bracelets! The bracelet is kindly sponsored by Born Pretty Store, which sells an amazing array of jewellery for all occasions, as well as trinkets and other fahsionable goodies. I always wear this bracelet out when I'm with my friends, and it gets a lot of compliments!

Here are the rules… 
This giveaway is open to EVERYONE globally! Please remember TO FOLLOW ME in Google Friend Connect to qualify. The THREE winners will be announced on June 9th after my exams, so good luck everyone and there's many chances for you to win! 

Do spread the word! 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Born Pretty Store Jewellery - FANTAIL FLO

Today's time for some bling! Let's talk about my new jewellery from Born Pretty. I love how my wrists look like something straight out of a Tumblr page, where all the girls look amazingly vintage and fashionable at the same time. I love my new golden vintage cherry bracelet, which is probably my favourite jewellery piece of ALL TIME. I've also gotten an unusual three-tiered golden necklace, which has an amazing layering effect when worn. It looks great with strapless dresses, doesn't it? Alongside, I also got a cute little daisy bracelet for everyday use, nothing fancy, just a simple and elegant design which could be used for any outfit. Lastly, I also got a golden leaf hair clip which i thought would fit a more formal occasion. 

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Born Pretty has a great selection of everyday jewellery, makeup, accessories and even hosiery. The shipping is free and the items are really affordable, especially for students on a budget. I am also pleased at the quality of their jewellery, because my golden necklace and cherry bracelet seemed very strong and durable. I'd definitely recommend checking their store out. If you love my cherry bracelet and new pieces from their store, or you see something you like, you can even get 10% off by using the code FOET10

Hope you guys like my new pieces! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Little Tips for Exam Stress

I'm so stressed out because it's exams in a month and I haven't started revising. To be honest, I did start… only yesterday. Today's the second official day of my revision and I feel quite shabby. I'm going to revise really hard for the next month or so, and I'm determined not to fail. 

3 Top tips for surviving exams: 

1. Drink coffee! It really helps, especially for those of you who sleep late and wake up early. I'm also trying to correct my sleep schedule, so a cup of coffee a day really helps. I'm determined!

2. Retail therapy- I find shopping online really addicting, yet it also helps to relieve stress and sooth my senses, especially since my head is filled with all the revision material I've been trying to absorb. Try it out, a new shirt or pair of shoes really does lift your moods! 

3. Visit a friend for lunch- even a quick chat is guaranteed to cheer you up, although don't spend too long in town. 

On a final note, do check out Born Pretty Store's awesome jewellery section because they've recently been selling many cute and vintage trinkets, which I really like. I might do a review soon but if you see something you like, you can get 10% off by using the code FOET10 ! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Folkstone trip

Music, The Vaccines, Seasides, food, drinks, funny cat heads, it was good weekend spent away from the dreary weather of my university town! Ugh, it's exam term and I'm so stressed. I bet I'll fail my exams and get a low grade, when it's funny how this year's THE YEAR where all the grades matter most. Please, God, help me get GOOD grades! I should start revising now. Sigh…

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