Friday, September 25, 2015

Matcha Strawberry Mille Crepe Cake - Homemade baking !

I made something amidst a lonely summer day right before I head back off to university. This is a Matcha White Chocolte Mille Crepe Cake and it's straight from an awesome youtube tutorial I saw one day! What do you think?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fantail Flo: Another Summer Update

This is a random post about what I've been up to this summer since it's almost over, so get ready for some pictures, lots of random information about me and some awesome pictures!

I've been loving Korean music lately, and it's really getting to me because I can't stop listening to K-pop songs these days! I first got into Korean music because a friend who was into Korean things introduced their music to me on Youtube. I also took part in a university dance show and had to perform to several K-pop songs which eventually led to me being semi-obsessed with some of their catchiest, coolest tunes.

Apart from the music, another thing I love is watching Korean makeup videos. There are so many cool videos on Youtube that demonstrate how you can achieve a particular look of a particular Korean idol, usually in K-pop or Korean drama. They always look super cute! I'm always jealous of Korean idols because of their beauty, although some of them has had plastic surgery and I will never, ever get any form of surgery even though I'm far from perfect!

Thus, what more could I want when I saw that the Korean brand Missha was cutting down their stores in Hong Kong and were having massive sales everywhere? I went on a CRAZY Missha haul and brought so much makeup that I threw away all of my old drugstore products. Korean makeup is amazing as it works well on Asian skin, and also gives more coverage in a more natural way.

As you can see I've also been obsessed with Japanese Matcha foods… there are so many new shops in Hong Kong lately that sells matcha-themed desserts, and I've been going crazy with my best friend trying all these new and interesting desserts. I have to say, the matcha is delicious in Hong Kong! I'm not a foodie but I've always admired people who can take lovely pictures of food and not go crazy with wanting to eat it all when it first arrives!

I also got a shorter haircut, which was daunting because I haven't had short hair in years. Honestly, the last time I had hair this short was around 3 years ago, and it's really something for me. As a tall girl, I think longer hair looks better on me, but shorter hair makes me look younger somehow. I can't wait to grow it longer though…

I just don't want summer to end, because it's the most relaxing time of my year. I can go out and sleep as much as I want, and also meet new friends because everytime I go out I can meet new and interesting people. I've been accused of being a social butterfly, but in my heart I really like socialising and making new friends. Honestly, I think I'm an extrovert at heart!

Lastly, I've been trying to accept myself more by getting to know more people and spending more time with my friends. I guess I feel like a change because I've recently gotten out of a serious relationship and I've been moping around for a while now. I fell into depression for about a month, and I'm still not truly over him, because I think it's the first time I felt something for a person at all. I've relied on my best friends for emotional support and they have been absolutely lovely to me. I'm finally feeling better but I'm still quite sad at times. Moving on takes so much time, and it's a rather long and tedious process especially since you suddenly lost something you used to take for granted :(

What do you think of my boring life?

Note: WINNER OF JexShop GIVEAWAY: Dagmar Lesher ! Congratulations! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How to Style a Cold Shoulder Dress- featuring Rosegal

One of my favourite trends lately is the cold-shoulder trend. I've been trying to change my style a bit for the last few months into something more carefree, innocent and summery. I live in Hong Kong, and right now it's terribly hot. Everyone's either wearing t-shirts or shorts, and I've been trying hard to find a style that makes the normal, boring t-shirt stand out.

The cold-shoulder style is one of my new favourites because of it's youthful and stylish look. Cold-shoulder tops are perfect for the summer because they give off a cool and young vibe, great for oldies like me who want to look younger! Cold-shoulder dresses are also super girly and trendy, and they're very comfortable!

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cold shoulder dress, cold shoulder outfit, How to Style a Cold Shoulder Dress, off shoulder lace dress white, rosegal dress, rosegal review, white cold shoulder dress,

Isn't the piece above fantastic? I've been obsessed with the colour white recently, which is why I bought a dress from Rosegal with a cold-shoulder. Rosegal is a great little shop that sells a variety of dresses and clothing which fits a more youthful and girly style. They sell so many cold-shoulder clothing too, so it's definitely worth checking out. 

I've tried it on it's absolutely top quality, which is a pleasant surprise because this dress is really affordable. The cutting also fits really well. I really like the lace design and the white, loose chiffon material which the dress is made from. Here are several ways you can style a cold-shoulder dress or top! 

1. Pair the cold shoulder dress with shorts- you can tuck it in to make a chic, off-shoulder bohemian look and pair it with ripped denim shorts. Super casual and stylish, yet fun at the same time. Pair it with a large floppy hat and sunglasses, and you'll look like a more stylish version of everyone around you. The cold shoulder top balances off the hardness of the hat and your shorts.

cold shoulder dress, cold shoulder outfit, How to Style a Cold Shoulder Dress, off shoulder lace dress white, rosegal dress, rosegal review, white cold shoulder dress,
2. Wear it with a denim jacket - this balances out the girly feel of the dress with a tougher denim look, making it great for a first date outfit or a casual lunch outfit! It's such a casual and flirty outfit, and the blue and white colour scheme goes very well together. 

cold shoulder dress, cold shoulder outfit, How to Style a Cold Shoulder Dress, off shoulder lace dress white, rosegal dress, rosegal review, white cold shoulder dress,

3. Pair a cold shoulder top with a skirt- a more formal and preppy style, pairing the cold shoulder with a skirt is extra sexy because it shows both your shoulders and your legs. This will be a great outfit for a date if you want to dress to impress! Style it up with lots of glittery accessories and stroppy heels and you're totally ready to go. 

cold shoulder dress, cold shoulder outfit, How to Style a Cold Shoulder Dress, off shoulder lace dress white, rosegal dress, rosegal review, white cold shoulder dress,
Let me know which one's your favourite? Would you wear a cold-shoulder dress?

And please check out and let me know if you like their products. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Vintage glasses from GlassesShop

I'm a huge fan of vintage glasses, large black-rimmed glasses and eyewear in general, and I know some of you are huge vintage fans! A nice pair of glasses helps to hide flaws, hide puffy eyes and also makes your outfit complete in many cases. Anyhow, I really want to share with you an awesome online store called GlassesShop, which sells a variety of prescription glasses frames (with lenses included) for an affordable price. 

It's a stark fact that it isn't easy to find cheap eyeglasses in real life shops these days. Most of the shops on high street sells glasses for a really high price, which makes people like me with horrible eyesight cringe at the thought of buying a new pair of glasses. 

The most important thing when buying glasses is finding the right frame for your face shape. Not everyone can pull of large frames that cover half of your face, but not many people can pull off tiny invisible frames or the like. I've used many years to experiment with trying on many different types of glasses and seeing which one fits my face. 

GlassesShop sells so many glasses of all shapes and sizes, and they even have a try-on feature which allows users to upload their own photos and virtually try on many frames. 

I love my pair of Fresno Clip On Tortoiseshell glasses so much! I'm going to wear them everyday to class, because I want to look vintage and presentable in lectures. The greatest thing about my new glasses are that they can double up as prescription sunglasses because a magnetic clip-on sunglasses lenses are included with this particular frame. It looks like I'm wearing a cooler version of Ray Bans! How cool is that? 

Lastly, GlassesShop has kindly given all of you lovely readers a special coupon code GSHOT50 for their shop so you can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses included! You can also get a first pair free since they're having a big promotion right now. 

What do you think of my new glasses? 
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