Thursday, April 16, 2015

Folkstone trip

Music, The Vaccines, Seasides, food, drinks, funny cat heads, it was good weekend spent away from the dreary weather of my university town! Ugh, it's exam term and I'm so stressed. I bet I'll fail my exams and get a low grade, when it's funny how this year's THE YEAR where all the grades matter most. Please, God, help me get GOOD grades! I should start revising now. Sigh…

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bridal Headpieces featurette

Hi girlies! I was looking at pictures of sweet couples on instagram (of celebrities and whatnot) and many of the young female celebrities have gotten married lately! Even Jay Chou married his girlfriend in England a few months ago, and now they're having a baby. How sweet… makes me want to actually get married someday, although it's definitely not happening any time soon.

Headpieces are the latest trend in the fashion world these days. I have a friend who makes headpieces and they actually sell really well. Also they look unique and can spice up any outfits, especially for a formal occasion. I'm going to show you some of my favourite bridal headpieces today, because they're so elegant and perfect for the big day!

Aren't they gorgeous? I really love the flowery ones, which look delicate but bold at the same time. And the colors gold and white goes well with a bride's long flowing dress. What's not to love about headpieces? I'm even considering getting some of these for my upcoming balls in the summer, when exams are over.

Will you wear any of these? Let me know!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Little trip to town center

It's been rainy these days but yesterday was a very bright and sunny day. I went down to the market in town and walked around for a few hours. I ate a lovely lunch at a Mexican shop, and had my favourite avocado and cranberry salad. I couldn't sleep last night because I was too hungry to sleep- literally, my belly was rumbling and I spent all night tossing about.

I haven't been shopping but I'd like to buy some more decorations for my room. I need new lights! My room's really dark sometimes. I'd really also like some  plaid curtains in my room, something like the pictures below. My curtains are quite ugly now, and they're terribly inefficient at covering light.

There were lots of shops selling vintage items, mini coffee mugs and candies, and we bought a lot of food. I also bought some homemade fudge from the shop near by, and it's great because I can always try free samples when I walk past. What's not to love?


Hello lovelies, I'm on my Easter holidays now and we have six weeks of holidays, which is frankly too much to believe. I'm working on 3 pieces of coursework this term, so I'm drowning in work.

Speaking of which, I can't believe I'm already in Year 2 at university. I'm on a 3 year course, so it's already gone past halfway! I'm quite sad at this, I feel like I didn't accomplish anything during my university years. Why does time fly? I can't wait to shop for graduation dresses when I graduate next year! Oh my gosh, it's so fast! I can't believe I'm in Year 2 already :( I'm really upset. I hope I can travel more and enjoy life. What do you think of these dresses for graduation?

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