Thursday, May 12, 2022

Best Bras for Different Occasions

There are lots of different underwear brands out there, but the very best underwear is supposed to be comfortable, stylish and perfectly fitting at all times. However, even with the vast array of bras out there, a truly comfortable bra is not easy to find. As a small-chested girl, I've struggled with finding the perfect bra for different occasions. I've tried going to professional fitters and online shops to look for comfortable bras to wear, without any success. Today, I want to discuss two of my favourite bras for different occasions which I found very comfortable, whether it be a formal event, a ball or a casual day out. 

For formal events, I always go for an adjustable strap bra because this means that you can change the bra strap according to the length of your dress or the cut of your top. Formal events always require women to wear different things, such as a long dress, shorter cocktail dress or a strappy dress which means that the necklines vary in shapes and sizes. With this bra you can technically tailor your bra to your outfit easily, which means that you get the maximum versatility and variability in your outfits! 

Best Bras for Different Occasions
Best Bras for Different Occasions

For everyday wear I prefer a super comfortable bra which does not hug my figure too tight, and isn't too uncomfortable for wearing to work, running errands of doing everyday activities. I prefer a non-wire flexible bra such as the one above which gives you great support without any of the pain that comes with wired bras. I actually really love the brand's non-wired bras as they are made from special 3D technology which has a cooling effect and boosts the shape of your bust. I've been transitioning away from wired bras for a while now since the COVID lockdown and now I cannot go back! 

In a girl's underwear drawer, there’s nothing more important than the humble bra. If you want bras for different occasions do check out some of the links above and let me know what you think! 


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