Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Best Sheetmask I've Ever Used- Procoal Review

Girls, I'm a huge fan of masks and I know some of you are too.Today I'm going to recommend that you all head off to get my new favourite mask, the Procoal Instaclear Control Sheet Mask. This mask is awesome and unique, as it cleanses and my face like no other mask that I've ever tried. Let me move on to my review!

After a tiresome day sleeping off the cursed "late-night/ hangover" from last night, I really needed to brighten up my dull, lifeless skin, I've recently gotten really dry skin which looks shine-less and quite yellow, so I wanted to take the chance to try my sample Procoal Instaclear Control sheet mask pack.


The mask was unlike anything I've ever tried before. It's easy to apply and non-sticky, with a texture similar to a bottle of serum. It's thick, smells slightly sweet (but not of anything in particular) and when you apply, you're sticking the sheet mask to your face. The sheet mask sinks in after leaving it on your face for 20-30 minutes, which means it is totally absorbed by your skin.

I actually really like this mask because of it's non-sticky, refreshing texture. It's very easy to apply, and takes very little time to put on. This is very different from the normal face masks I use, which are either wet, troublesome wash-off masks from packs, or clay masks which get all over your hair, eyebrows and hands. A single mask here contains 25g of serum!

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The mask contains white willow bark extract, which contains antimicrobacterial qualities and supports anti-ageing. It also contains Salicylic Acid, which helps refine pores whilst acting as a natural antimicrobial agent to help purify blemish-prone complexion. The mask didn't sting at all for me, nor did I have any side effects.

After leaving it on for 30 minutes, I removed the mask form my face. It was very easy to remove, and did not leave my hands sticky like other masks do when you peel it off. I'm very pleased with how my skin felt and looked afterwards- my skin literally glowed and was as smooth as a baby's skin! It felt really soft too, so that's a plus. The mask gave my face an extra smooth look for the rest of the night, and I'm really pleased with how clean and supple I felt afterwards. It seemed to control the oil from my face too.

I'd say this is better than any other face mask I have tried. Seriously, I have tried a lot of masks in my time, and I love this product. I'm going to keep using it this week and hopefully my skin will keep being smooth and soft. Hope you like my review and if anyone of you want to try one- message me and I'll gift you a mask!

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